Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trash the Dress

Six months have gone by (well almost, 6 days till our 6 months anniversary) and my wedding dress is sitting untouched in my closet. I have no more use for it and I'm pretty sure my daughters are not going to be wearing it come 20 or more years from now so why should I hold on to it? I've always loved the idea of a trash the dress photo shoot and so come this summer my goal is to go to the mountains, trash my dress and then toss it (or maybe get it dry cleaned and use whatever fabric is salvageable for sewing up something else).
People I mention it to think it's crazy to destroy a gown you spent so much money on and have so much sentimental value to but in truth I really didn't spent more than $700 on it and I really don't feel attached to it, I'm married and it's time to move on.
Jonathan's always wanted to do a trash the dress session so maybe I could be his first subject. :) 
I'd love to find a water fall and do a bunch of water shots.

Also if we found a swamp sort of area I'd love to attempt something in there.

But at the same time I think it would be fun to do the photo shoot with Jonathan though so maybe I should get someone else to do the photos. I think that would make for some very romantic pictures and make the photo shoot so much more enjoyable.


Nicole said...

I have loved the trash the dress idea ever since I heard of it and totally think you should go for it!

Emme said...

wow, i've never even heard of that! that'd be way fun to do though! i've always wanted to have a big fancy dress and jump into a swimming pool with it haha. or, you know, you could sell it and get money...? there's a shop in lethbridge called the wedding cottage where they buy and sell used wedding dresses.