Sunday, November 14, 2010

Start of Christmas Decorations

It's officially Christmas in the Ritz home! The start of decorations began Saturday evening and what a lovely evening it was. I'll have to admit it didn't quite feel like Christmas while setting up but it was still fun anyways. We set up a few things but today's blog will simply be about the village.
Oh the village.
I knew going into my marriage with Jonathan that over the period of his life he had accumulated a vast quantity of Christmas decor (Tis a man of true Christmas blood). Including a tiny Coca-cola village. I loathed the very idea of it. In my mind these villages seemed to be incredibly tacky and served no purpose. Yes, you could have call me the Grinch up till Saturday around 8pm. But after that hour my opinion was changed. As Jonathan began to unpack his precious collection my eyes were in awe of the sight of these creations.

  Each box had a unique and intricate building filled with character, begging to be surrounded in fake cotton snow and plugged in. I felt like a child discovering something brand new and what a delight.
I'm in love with the village. It's perfect! I want to find more of these buildings! I want little people mingling in the streets and running in the snow. Now I'm so into this Christmas village.

Later I'll show off my Christmas tree! But for now I thought I'd just share my joy with the village.


Emme said...

cuuuuute! aw it looks so cozy and christmasy! it makes me want to get out some decorations too. great pictures by the way, did you take them?

David and Jeannie Ritz said...

Jeannie loves her precious moments village. Her eyes lit up when she learned we had it!!

Teaka said...

Hey Emme thanks I wish I took those photos but I got Jonathan to quickly take a few so I could post them on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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