Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joys of a Tuesday Evening

Do you ever have those days or moments that suddenly everything just  becomes so real and so wonderful you could just burst with love and joy?
 It was probably due to the sudden freezing onslaught of snow, a warm supper and a hubby in a thick sweater made perfect for cuddling up too that this over load of warm fuzzies came over me and made me wish the day would never end
Jonathan picked me up after work and brought me into my warm home with an amazing smelling supper in the oven. After supper I went on to do some homework and he went out of purchase The Christmas Carol, which we had seen in theaters last year and loved so much.
After I completed homework he pulled out the popcorn and I got out the hot chocolate and we settled in for a  relaxing evening.
I know it's incredibly simple but it by far more amazing than an evening of studying which Tuesday nights usually consist of and I'd cuddle with my husband any night of the week! Moments like these really do make me feel incredibly blessed.
So let us cheer to for snow falls and warm homes with our mugs of hot chocolate piled high with whip cream! *Clink*

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Emme said...

wow, that sounds positively wonderful! that's the BEST thing ever when it's cold and snowy outside and warm and cosy inside :) sigh...that kind of makes me miss canada!