Sunday, November 07, 2010

Felt Pom Pom String

    Well we have our date set for Christmas decorating, Nov 13th. I know, I know it's so early. But I can't complain since I know people who already have their tree up, including my brother and sister in law. I married into a family that's hard core into Christmas. And you know what the saying is, if you can't beat them join them.
   So here I am to present my first Christmas creation of the season. Ta-da! A string of felt pom poms. Jonathan doesn't quite see the vision I as I do for it. In fact he's rather hesitant about the concept. But let me assure you they'll look incredibly cute on my antique aluminum Christmas tree. But that's for a future blog. I love my Christmas tree...another thing I must convince Jonathan to appreciate as well.
   Anyways I made the felt balls before going to church this morning. Basically you just stuff some stockings with roving felt and knot it up so it's like a chain of balls in a sock. I soaked it in warm water than threw it in the dryer till it was completely dry. After a bit of needle felting the balls were perfect and I simply had to needle through some string and I had the perfect little string of pom poms.

   My biggest challenge was to find a way to store this string with out getting everything all tangled up. Which believe me is real easy to do. But thankfully Jonathan finished the last of a box of cereal this morning so I was able to cut it up, cut a few slashes along the edges and wrap around the string in an orderly fashion.

I looking forward to setting them up!

I quickly just went online to see if I could find some better tutorials on making felt balls for those who are interested and here's a pretty good site, Painted Thread Projects

Oh and to continue on with the 15 Facts...
Day 2- Something that stresses you ou.

Well not feeling in control especially when it comes to homework of overload of assignments.

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Emme said...

i love it! it looks like really big snowflakes from far away.