Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 8, 9 and 10

I'm not very good at keep up to date with this 15 Days thing. So I'm going to do all three that I've missed in this one day.
Day 8- A place you've travelled to
Oh goodness I haven't ever left Canada, I don't even have my passport yet. :S
I've basically been from BC (Victoria Island) to the middle of Ontario.
But I think my most memorable travels was taking a "Staycation" throughout southern Alberta with Jonathan a couple summers back. During our week long tourist visits we decided to drive up to Drumheller.  I'm not sure where it was but we discovered this abandoned village out in a pasture that seemed in the middle of no wheres. I love old houses so Jonathan pulled over and we approached a farm house near by inquiring if we would be allow to look around. It was opened to the public so we drove up and walked through few buildings. I'm not sure if the buildings were moved there or if that was the actual village spot but either way the buildings where in great condition. What I loved the most was that there were two churches (I think one was Methodist and another Presbyterian) that were side by side. I could only imagine the type of competition the town must have had going on between the two congergations.
 This is the view of one church to the other. Funny hey!
Day 9- Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Hallelujah- Bethany Dillion
Broken For You- Jesus Culture
Rescue- Desperation Band
The Space Between Us- Dave Matthew Band
These Are the Nights- Making April
She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5
Jesus Lover of My Soul- Kari Jobe
Breathe Me- Sia
Everything Glorious- David Crowder Band
Sing Allelujah- Third Day

Day 10- Something you're afraid of
I'm not a big fan of wind during night time. I use to sleep on a second floor in my farm house as a kid and the sound of wind terrified me because it squealed through my windows and hummed high pitched noises. I was sure that the wind must be a tornado. It doesn't effect me much any more but every now and again the sight and sound of harsh wind blowing through trees at night can still gives me the chills.

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