Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 12 to 15

I must say I wasn't very commited to this 15 Day thing but at least I can say I had my reasons as I was not near a computer Thursday till Sunday evening and even if I was, blogging wasn't exactly on my "To Do List". Regardless I see that as no reason not to complete my final three posts and continue on with more random bloggings of life and so forth.

Day 12- What you believe
Massive question to start with. I suppose I could start with my spiritual belief.
I believe that apart from the Jesus who died on the cross we are "dead in our sins" (Ephesians 2:1,5) and simply powerless to obtain any sort of way to eternal life or a relationship with Jesus. It's only through grace alone and not our self-righteous works that God forgives ours sins and makes us worthy of eternal life (Titus 3:5-6). No obedience to all the commandments will get us in right standing with God, if so we're screwed as it's impossible or that works are a requirement for our salvation. Therefore I believe in Grace. Period. So that's where I stand with my walk with God. I'm a Christian.
I don't really follow politics right now, but I do firmly believe in voting in your country.
I believe in marriage but despite what society tells us I believe single hood is awesome and fantastic and if you end up being single for the rest of your life then well all the power to you!, I do not believe in abortion. I believe in only cleaning the house when it bugs me (which is often). I believe in healthy lifestyle (but I need to be more active in this belief) and finally I believe that yellow is by far the best colour in the world!

Day 13- Goals
1) Complete Fashion Design and Marketing without going crazy
2) To be content in whatever situation I'm in
3) See Provence
4) Be a loving mother
5) Own my own business
6) Take more piano lessons
7) Lean to speak French

Day 14- Some pictures you love
I simply don't feel like doing this one. I love photos yes but there's none that really sick out, besides that would require me to go on Facebook and just scan through a bunch till I found something. So I opt out of this one. :) 

Day 15- Pictures of your dream house
A ginger bread home!!! Why not?

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