Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Unfinished Quilt

Near the end of August I had received my new sewing machine. At the time I was thrilled with my new toy and started sewing together a quilt. I had been thinking about making one for awhile so I could use up all the fabric squares that were in my wedding. I got a fair bit done and each day completed a new row or two. Yet as school came around sadly the sewing machine got set on the floor to make room for text books and the incomplete quilt now sits dormant by my machine on the dinning room floor. 
Also I realized a good portion into the sewing that I wouldn't have near enough fabric to compete a full quilt. In fact I may only have enough squares to make half of one.

So now what do I do? I know I must get back at it but if there isn't enough material what is to be done?

This is it. That's how wide and long made it. So sad really. (Sorry about the bad photo. I took it with my cell)

And that's all the fabric let. Surly not enough to make a full beautiful quilt. Plus I really can't afford to buy more fabric. Maybe I can cut it down and make a baby blanket for the future! Haha FAR future. :) 

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