Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dress Design for Shabby Apple Dresses

Last week I was reading a friend's blog and she wrote about how she had entered a competition advertised the site for Shabby Apple dresses.
She had a totally awesome design and so after checking out their site I found some great dresses and outfits that are fashionably modest outfits. I'm really like Shabby Apple's clothing!

So I thought I'd enter in a design and see where it goes. The winner's get's a pretty sweet prize and a great way to get their dress idea into the spring collection for 2011.

My inspiration for this dress comes from my typical first feelings of spring when the warm air hits and when I mostly desire to be in a light weight dress just perfect for the beach. Mind you it's always a little too chilly to have beach time in when it's spring but a girl can dress the part can't she?

I think battenberg style lace would be simply perfect around the collar and hem of the dress. A light weave cotton fabric would make for just the perfect drape on this garment. Along with a varying shades of blue would be an excellent choose for this spring time dress.

The top portion of the dress is flowy and loose making for a comfy and stylish feel, along with mid arm cuffed sleeves. Just above and around the waist a leather belt gives a flattering gather point for the free flowing garment. The hem drops just to the knee but leaves lots of room for strolls and afternoons on the shore line.

Check out the Shabby Apply site,
The top 15 entries are posted on the site by October 22.

So that's my idea. Hope they like it and that if I make the top 15 you can vote for me.


Emme said...

i love it teaka! i would wear it in a heartbeat and i'm definitely voting for you when you get in the top 15! i love the lace on the bottom and the leather belt. and you're so artistic! you're so good at working with light.

Emme said...

p.s. i just noticed though....did you read over the rules? i think you have to have the words have to have the words "dress design for Shabby Apple dresses" an then the words "shabby apple dresses" have to be a link to shabbyapple.com.

Anonymous said...

whatever the outcome.... i would wear it! anywhere! so sweet, Carrie

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