Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October TV Boycott

I've never noticed this before but now that it's the last couple weeks till Halloween there's a ton of scary movies on. This is probably because I didn't watch too much TV in the past but now being married to Jonathan (who rather loves these shows) it's like the only thing he wants to watch.
Now I know you'll probably roll your eyes and think of me as a child when I say this but I just can't stand these movies. Not because while I'm watching them they scare me but it's that evening when I'm going to bed and then a good week after that these images follow me and start to conger up monster under my bed and so forth...rather axe murderer and flesh eating crazy men.
I've always found that looking away in a theater when a trailer is playing for a scary movie always helps. And so I'm deciding to boycott the television when Jonathan's watch it this month. There can be no good in it for me.
Jonathan even asked me to go see Saw 3 with him this month! BAH!!! My foot! As if I'd EVER see that show!
Never ever ever ever ever!
Anyways last night I put it to practice and spent my evening downstairs working on an assignment out of ear shot of his movie. I had happy music on and not a care in the world. I even slept wonderfully.
Of course I can take control of my mind when it starts to flare up and I remind myself that God has not given me a spirit of fear but a sound mind, comfort & assurance (1 Timothy 1:7). But I think the best solution is to just stay away for any thing that even look scary as images stay in my head for along time.
So it's possible that for the rest of this month I'm boycotting the TV or being in the same room as the TV if my hubby desires to watch his scary stuff.
 Besides there's better things I can do anyways....like focus more on homework with no distractions.


Emme said...

good for you teaka. i HATE scary movies as well. they're just so icky and you get a creepy feeling and you're scared. why? why watch them? i've never understood...
that's one of my favourite scriptures too! except, do you read a different version than the king james version? the one i know is, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." just curious...

Crissy said...

Oh I agree! No creepy movies here either. I have 4 kids under 10 so we just dont have that stuff in our house. My husband likes to watch it but if he wants to I clear everyone out and we either go to the park or go read a book or something. I cant stand it. They make me gag LOL AND I get that "something is gonna grab my foot" fear too!

I *think* that its 2 Timothy 1:7, not 1 Timothy. But I could be wrong :) I love that verse

<3 Crissy

Teaka said...

Oh yes that's the same version I read but I was rather summerizing that scripture as it related to me at those moments. I remind myself that in situations like that where I over worry that God's spirit is comforting and assuring, and also 2 Timothy 1:7.
I guess it seems like I'm quoting that exact scripture form the Bible...I meant it more as a generalization. :D

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