Sunday, October 03, 2010

First Pie

   I apologize for the repeat of blogs talking about baking and stuff but I felt so accomplished with this new endeavour I couldn't resist writing about it.

   Today my mission was to bake my very first pie, crust and all. Slowly over the last year my cooking and baking experience has been expanding and with next weekend being Thanksgiving I knew that now was the best time to attempt a pie for the big meal.
I found the perfect recipe online and this afternoon I decided to make it. Apple Crumb Pie

   I pulled out a wedding gift given to us four months ago but we never had a reason to use yet, an apple peeler. What an amazing invention!

It even took out the core and made a sweet spiral that helped with cutting the apples. I know it's such a simple tool and most people aren't as fascinated by this contraption but I'm so liking it that I think I'm going to keep it out on my counter top for easy access and fun snacks with apples or whatever when ever the mood strikes. Jonathan enjoyed eating all the apple peels so we were both happy.

There were a few steps to the whole process but after a few hours the whole pie was baked and is currently cooling off. It's a deep dish apple pie with like 4 to 5 inches of apple filling. A pie crust at the bottom and crumble mixture sprinkled on top. It smells AMAZING!

So out on my kitchen table sits an apple pie screaming to be taste but I am forced to ignore all common sense of indulging in my creation because of this silly diet thing I'm still on. Still no sweets or starches allowed yet. By the end of the week though when Thanksgiving supper rolls around we will be off our diet and ready to taste the fruit of my labor.
Oh man I can't wait! For now though the pie will be sealed up and sit in the freezer all week.

P.S. So far so good with the diet. We've done pretty good with maintaining our weight. Yay for us.

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Candice said...

MMM! Looks wonderful! I made my first pie just last month, and this weekend I baked three more. This week I am attempting a pumpkin pie, and am excited to see how it turns out! Pies are so fun, and it's so rewarding to hear the people you love "Mmmm"ing over them.