Saturday, October 30, 2010

Evening with Spam

Oh the joys of inflicting young innocent teens to aweful, and possibly boarding on cruel games during Friday evenings such as last night. Ah but we know we're safe as long as the kids are all laughing together and they win a prize in the end. Mwahaha

Last night Jonathan and I introduced the kids to an evening with spam. (Actually it was Jonathan's idea...I can't take any of the credit)
I discovered at the Dollar Store they have a full shelf of spam (rather canned meat) and so I stocked up for and was ready for the evening ahead.

We had three games for the youth to participate in;
      1) Make a commercial with a group and try to sell the spam. At the end of the night we showed the commercial on a tv and they voted for the best one.
     2) Spam tower. We gave the them toothpicks and a can of spam and they had to compete in building the the tallest tower.
     3) Chubby Bunny. Basically they have to try and shove as much spam in their mouth and say, "chubby bunny". Last one to spit it out or quite is the winner. 

By the end of the evening the church reeked of spam. It was so gross, basically like cat food. We had a blast but honestly....never again can I look at another can of it.

NowI have a few cans left....anyone want one? Haha


Emme said...

hahaha ewwww! that sounds disgusting but way fun.
what church do you go to again? i know you've told me but i've forgotten.

TEakA said...

I'm going to a church on the north side, it's called River of Life. :)

Angela said...

Spam! Loving it. I would have never thought to do that-sounds fun!
Btw, I am loving your banner photo!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and chatting. It's so nice to 'meet' you.

Peace, Angela