Monday, September 27, 2010

The Weekend

How quickly the last few days went by and I find myself once again in the midst of starting another crazy busy week.

Last weekend was a wonderful get away from the world of school. As I'm now starting to settle in a youth leadership role at my church and Friday evenings are consumed with screaming junior youth all vocalizing at top range to be heard and just such a wonderful times...even though I'm utterly exhausted by the end of the evenings. I so enjoy the young girls and find that spending time with them is the perfect avenue to release the week and put my thoughts and efforts into other people for the change instead of myself which typically happens all week. With all my pent up energy I can easily compete with all their screaming, laughing, talking, running energy and just wear myself and them out. It's awesome. Just fun!

On Saturday Jonathan and I drove up to Crandbooks B.C. for a friends wedding. What a beautiful drive. I had never seen the mountains in the fall time, what a feast for the eyes! It was warm outside and perfect for driving with windows down and mountain air rushing in. Even still I had no time for relaxing as I brought along a surface design assignment along with me and worked on a piece of fabric for a portion of the trip.

After the wedding we drove up to a little town called Kimberly and though it's a rather touristy place it was cute with a lot of cute folk style buildings, it felt like walking through some Bavarian village. Jonathan's goal was to find this sausage meat place he had heard about so we walked around for awhile only to discover a closed building and that the company had relocated. Luckly a near by gas station sold the sausage that was once made by this apparently famous meat shop so Jonathan got his meat sick things after all.

It was a beautiful wedding and I was thankful to be able to attend but when the dance time of the reception kicked in Jonathan and I had to leave early to make our 4 hour drive back home. I was exhausted and sort of grumpy so attempted to sleep the whole ride home.

Sunday after church I knew I had to work hard to get caught up in homework so turned down friend's invite to hang out and spent a good 6-7 hours working on pattern grading and finishing up incomplete assignments. Over all it was productive but by the end my mind was numb and I was sick and tired of doing any more homework.

So I enjoyed this productive yet restful weekend and I'm delighted to start this new week. Even though I know I'll be pretty heavy loaded with more homework and tests to study for. But since Jonathan is gone till Friday again for his work perhaps there is hope that I will remain focused and actually get what needs to get done.
Lord help me.


Emme said...

sounds like you had such a great weekend! i miss fashion design SOOO much. i know it probably sucks being swamped in work but relish it! for me! haha.

Anonymous said...