Thursday, September 23, 2010

September is Lovely

I suppose it's too be expect that come September life becomes crazy and full of things to do, primarily homework. Yet like last year I'm once again unprephared and trying my  best not to fret over the piling assignments and such. Oh how I long for the days (only a few weeks back) where I had many free evenings and time to do what I wanted and when I wanted. But alas that is not my season in life anymore and I'm certian I'll learn to get into the groove by the end of the month.
I'm thankful that every Monday morning I wake up with a made up mind that the week is going to be a wonderful week, regardless of the dreaded events ahead, lack of money and or a big assignments uncompleted because every week is just that. I hear it said all the time that when you're a newly weds the first years always seem to be the best, even with the lack of  materialistic ideals in couples life. And I couldn't agree more. I mean truly these last few months have been by far the greatest months ever. Even though life is picking up and it seems like Jonathan and I are unable to spend as much time together as before I'm still loving my life and everything that challenges me, overwhelms me and brings me closer to Jonathan and God.
This month is almost done (give another week) and all I can say is that I'm happier now then ever. :)
Life is Like Honey for me.
P.S. We're done the cruel part of the diet and now I can eat other foods besides starches and sugars. I had my first handful of nuts again. HEAVEN!!!!

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David and Jeannie Ritz said...

I hear ya about the homework, I've had homework looming over me since last fall. Now I have a deadline in two weeks! Yikes!!!!