Thursday, September 09, 2010

Progress of Dieting

So... I'm on a diet.
And I just thought I'd mention it because I'm impressed with my ability to stay on it. I've never actually done a diet before, well beyond simply changing what I eat or excising more but this is actually working.
It's this diet drop called HCG and though a bit controversal to some (But aren't all diets) it's working wonderfully for me so I'm thrilled.
So far I've lost 4.5 pounds! I know it's just a little amount so far but I'm hoping to have lost 10-15 pounds on this diet.
I'll have to admit it's rather tough and takes a bit of will power. The concept of this diet is that you take these drops 3 times a day which tells the brain to eat up all the bad fat (like in your legs, arms and stomach) and kind of supresses hunger. I'm only eating lean meats, fish, chicken, veggies, fruits, crackers and taking calcium pills.
The huge thing about this diet is that I'm now seeing how much I depended on processed foods for meals and how much sweets I actually ate in a day. I LOVE sweets and it seemed like I couldn't go a day without some form of chocolate. On top of that I'm learning a new way of cooking. I always thought to cook meat you needed oils and butter but low and behold water does the trick. Just throw the chicken in the pan, a little herbs and ta-da you've got tasty chicken. It's so simple but kind of exciting for me.
Anyways the hardest part is ignoring my mind that makes me desire things like ice cream, chocolate and cookies. But so far so good. I haven't cheated once! Yay me!

Here's a look at what Jonathan and I are eating. I looks pathetic but it does the trick. 


JDR said...

Same way! Click on the little picture thing and upload! :) I'm at 198 today!

Teaka said...

Yeah but my blog doesn't have that icon any more. :(

Emme said...

no way! my brother did that diet and he lost 35 pounds in 3 weeks. your food looks good :)

David and Jeannie Ritz said...

Is Jonathan not being picky?! Yay for you Teaka! I'm impressed!