Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Distance Again

I'm  can I bear this?
As much I appreciate Jonathan's new job I really don't know how well I can deal with the fact that sometimes he'll be gone for a whole week and maybe longer to Edmonton and far off cities. Starting tomorrow I won't see him till late Sunday evening.
I know that it's really not a big deal when looking at the big picture but the thought of not having someone to eat supper with, crawl all over and be silly with or just to talk about my day with seems slightly unbearable. I'm not looking forward to him being gone.
But then I need to continue to remind myself that there are families who's father and husbands are gone months on ends. I should be able to handle this 7 day distance thing. Plus this will give me time to stay focused on school work right....right.


Amanda Neeson said...

Hey Teaka,

You have all the reasons in the world to be upset about Jonathan being gone for so long. I hate the fact that I only get to see Shamus one night a week and usually I'm so sick I can't do anything but lay in bed next to him. I feel your pain and you will make your times together even more special.

Emme said...

oh no! soooo sad! long distance is the pits :(

dano said...

Yeah that can really ba hard. But, like you said, some dads or husbands are gone much longer. Some days me and Davina don't see each other..maybe in passing as she works nights, I work days...but when we do finally connect, its worth it, makes time much more special :) hang in there bud! It's got to be hard on him to. You guys are great :P