Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dying Cotton

Yesterday was such a wonderful break from my other lecture style classes, or accounting, microeconomics, etc. I had Surface Design in the evening and we learned one of the basic techniques for dying cotton. Most the evening consisted of everyone stirring their dye while waiting for the right color and just chatting it up. Simply relaxing.
Every one got assigned a color to create and we had a formula to follow (Just like chemistry or biology class back in high school). Mine was a turquoise mixed with yellow and created a beautiful light turquoise. Yet nearing the end of the stirring I realize my color wasn't so saturated in the fabric like everyone else. In fact the fabric didn't even really look like cotton. I must have had a mix of cotton with polyester and was we're learning in class polyester is nearly impossible to dye. So the cotton strands dyed nicely but then I had this strange weave look to my fabric in the end. Oh well, lesson learned.

Here's how dark the color looked while mixing.

Even when I took it out it was a nice rich color.
After all was said and done here's what our fabrics looked like. Mines the forth one from the left. Obviously much lighter. Even though dye will wash out after we rinse the fabric it's still not as saturated. But still pretty eh!



Emme said...

awesome!! i'm so jealous. i miss fashion design so much :(

Jessica Jurassic said...

I can see mine! What a wonderful idea posting this in your blog! I wish I would have remembered my camera, but I'm gonna start documenting all of our super awesome fun times!