Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheers for Soup

Yesterday I decided to attempt making Spicy Chicken Soup, a recipe I had found online and look fairly simple but tasty. I don't have much experience in soup making and have oddly been a little intimidated by the process of creating a stock along with the time required. But much to my surprise soup making is incredibly easy.

Instead of me posting the whole recipe on my blog though I'll just give you the website.

I think I can easily make chicken stock and save a bunch for future cooking.

I had halved the recipe but it still made a fairly large pot of soup. Which was fine with me as it was so good and I'm able to freeze the rest for when Jonathan comes home.

Anyways I had a friend come over for supper and we each had a bowl. It was delicious and with a wonderful friend it made for a relaxing break from homework and assignments.


Emme said...

that sounds incredible. i can't wait to try and make it.

J.R. said...

Ahh, Soup and friends <3
Nothing quite like it.