Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Song

This morning while at work I was listening to a bunch of random U2 song when this popped up, All I Want Is You which just so happened to be the song I walked down the aisle too on the wedding day. After listening to it again I realized how much I love this song. I think I love it more than I did before especially these days.
When money's tight a lot needs to be let go of which has been actually a huge eye openner for me in terms how what I really do need in life and what I don't. Number one I really am learning to how to trust God again and letting my worries go. I can easily fret over finances but sometimes we just don't have control over situations and it's in these area's that we can only look at God. Not to look at Him and beg to be taken out of these uncomfortable situation but to rely on Him to teach me patience and a new creative way at looking at what we really need to live on and how to utilize what we have.
I know that a lot of married couples go through this at one point or another and I know that it won't last forever but at this point I wouldn't trade this time for anything. Honestly I'm falling more and more in love with Jonathan because I realize how easily things in this world can distract us from the very concept of family and love. So many things to purchase and consume our time with but utlitmaly all I want is Jonathan and I don't need new clothing, unique food for cooking and tones of entertainment.
God's blessing me more now with realizing how much we have together then I can ever remember when I had the money to spend on whatever I liked.
I couldn't ask for more in my life right now.
Life is so SO good!

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