Monday, August 30, 2010

Meal Blank

It's rather pathetic that I'm currently finding it more and more difficult to think up supper ideas to cook up for the two of us. I could stare for an hour in my fridge and nothing comes to mind about what to cook.
I've got like 10 cook books too and I love to look through them and dream up one day actually creating the master pieces on the pages. But then I remember that I own maybe 20% of the content needed for the recipe and I'm in no mood to spend even more money at the grocery store.
I need to take some form of cooking classes that teach how to cook up things that will last a while and are cheap.
....oh man what do I cook for supper tonight?!


Anonymous said...

I am picking up Sushi.

Emme said...

teaka, don't worry, i'm totally the same way. i buy and buy and buy groceries and never make anything haha. i love your knew blog look, very cute:) did you use picasa3?