Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Arrived!

About a dozen blogs back or so I had previously blogged about purchasing a sewing machine (I didn't even know what kind it was) that would apparently be shipped to me. Weeks passed by and my mom and I got rather concerned that this was possibly a scam. We would call them up at least once a week to obtain as much information form this company as possible and about the product I had purchased but only discovered them to be extremely disorganized and not very customer friendly. Which really didn't help with our fears of being caught in a scam.
Anyways yesterday and went to the post office to check to see if any more of my student loan forms had come in yet and to my surprise there was a package waiting at the front desk for me. So I waited and line, not have a clue what it could be and out came the post man carrying out a big old box with the image of a sewing machine on it. I gasped! I had almost come to terms that $200 was down the drain but low and behold there was the sewing machine.
So ladies and gents I now own a Necchi 320FB Heavy Duty sewing machine. Haha I don't really know my machines to well but from playing around with it I actually like it a lot. It's worth $600 but I got it for $200. I haven't been able to play with it too but apparently it can go through 10 layers of denim to a single layer of chiffon. So it's quite versatile. I haven't been able to play with it too much, neither do I have 10 layers of denim to try this on, unless I sew up my own jeans even still I don't own ten pairs but regardless I can tell I'll be able to use it for all my sewing needs. It also came with all the attachments like zipper foot, blind helm and so for which was nice.
Last night I got to start a quilt I've been wanting to work on and get done before school. All the fabric flags I had at my wedding are just scrunched up in plastic bags and I've been wanting to sew them into a quilt so they aren't taking up space and it'd be nice momento from our wedding. Got two layers sewn so far. Haha not the most amazing or perfect looking thing but I'm not that exact anyways. When it's all done I'll of course post photos on here.


Christine Killam said...

Oh yeah! I was hoping you would get your machine! Can't wait to see photos of the quilt!

Emme said...

oh my goodness! It's beautiful! i'm so jealous