Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Got Elizabeth All of Myself

This weekend Elizabeth came up to spend the whole weekend with me. It was the first time she was over at my house with me as married women. Honestly I was a little unsure how it would all turn out with Jonathan and all but like always I over worry and it was not weird one bit. (It's feels like the firsts for everything when you're just married)
Anyways I really REALLY love her! I highly doubt there will ever be a person I can connect to as much as I do with her. I have only been with Jonathan for almost 3 years while I've been with her for my whole life! It's like the biggest delight to see her and to have her with me! Oh how I love her!
Sunday we had planned to spend most of the day at Waterton and we were super excited! After church we jumped in my car and headed off. She loved the view and I loved the talking. But sadly as we got closer we could see the rain clouds and the wind. First we stopped at the Prince Whales Hotel and that's when the wind picked up. It was crazy! We stood a the cliff and the wind was almost pushing you away. Wish we got a picture of it. By the time we got to my car again the rain began to pour down. Bummer.
It looked beautiful though.
So we decided to just walk around the shopping area and keep indoors as much as possible. Regardless I got wet and the chilly wind was really getting to us. So we stopped at one point and got hot chocolate. Hot chocolate in August...such a rare treat.
Isn't my sister so beautiful!

Finally it did stop raining and we were able to go to the dock area. Even still the the wind was incredibly strong. I thought Lethbridge got it bad but that was pretty strong!

One of the things I love about Elizabeth is her ability to just do something regardless of the weather or if I'm into it or not. She see's a beautiful spot and instead of cowarding behind something warm she'll suck it up and venture over to the area and discover the most amazing things ever, images that you've never seen experienced before. She's great at going off the path and bringing a sense of adventure into any trip we go on.
Yet now she's back home. I miss her but I'm happy to see her growing in her own life. It's cool to see how different our lives are yet how much we still do have in common.

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