Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Four in the Morning

I'm a morning person. Never a night. So this morning was an almost brand new experience for me as I joined Jonathan for a drive to the hospital at four in the morning. Nothing major, he has been having major pain in his throat and can't swallow without it hurting. He couldn't sleep well so figured we might as well go to the hospital when everything was quiet. It took me a good 10 minutes to actually get my brain semi awake and into a conscious/aware state. Never had I drove through Lethbridge at four in the morning. What a strange site it was. Silent, not a single car seen, a few lights in business were on and street lamps lit the paths but not a single person walking about. In truth it felt like a totally different place. When we got out I even notice how different the city actually smells at such an early hour. A light layer of dew on everything and a slight chill in the air added to an almost clean and new start for Lethbridge. It's like the everything was resting and mean while a fresh beginning was being prepared. So incredibly enchanting if I do say so myself.
It only took us about an hour in the hospital. I think the doctor took a look or sample of his saliva or something and their doing test to see what's going on. But with not much else to do we got back in the car and drove home.
By 5pm we spotted a few cars and random people outside a 24 hour shops having a smoke break. The city was waking up a bit.
Regardless we were both utterly exhausted. I can't tell you how lovely it felt to go back to bed at 5:30am. I only had an hour and a half till I had to wake up again but I wouldn't have traded that moment for anything.
Lethbridge it beautiful at four in the morning.

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Emme said...

That's a pretty cool experience, being awake in a city that's asleep.