Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Big Move

This past long weekend was our big move. What an exhausting weekend that was.
Friday we had a good portion of things packed in boxes and thought it was perfect to go see a movie to relax before the big day on Saturday. Yet even after the movie Jonathan stay up till some ungodly hour to continue packing and taking apart pieces of furniture.
Saturday came and I began to load up my little car with boxes and made the couple block drive to our new apartment in a fourplex. Thankfully we only had a short distance to go. Jonathan continued to pack other things while waiting for the big moving truck his had set up previously with a friend. Close to noon the truck still hadn't shown up and Jonathan could not get a hold of the guy. So we had no truck and no help. Another thing we were extremely thankful for was our wonderful neighbours who offered their truck to help out. It wasn't a moving truck but with a couple of trips we were able to have all our furniture moved over. Also one of Jonathan's friends was able to come help with the larger furniture items but had leave soon after. He blessed me so much because though I continued to tell Jonathan I could handle the big items...I knew it would be a big struggle for me.
So we started our move around 9:30 in the morning and by 7 in the evening we were unloaded and out of our basement suit.
We were both beyond exhausted but thrilled that we were done and for the help we had received.

Jon's friend who came to help.

The truck our neighbours lent us.

Sunday I unpacked the kitchen and attempted to find room for all the wedding gifts. A slightly frustrating task but I felt like I had figured out the worlds toughest puzzle after. Most everything has a place. Of course this is the before picture.

These are the "Before" photos. The mess is gone and things have found their places but I'll post "After" shots once we have all the decor in place. We both feel like we live in a rumpus room because our furniture is pretty old and nothing matches. But that's just what happens when you're newly weds an can't really afford new furniture right away. His parents gave us their blue couch and recliner so we are happy to have a place even to sit in the living room!

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