Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sewing Machine

So I bought a sewing machine but I have no idea what kind it is.
Mom called me the other week informing me she got an note in the mail advertising a company selling out a bunch of brand new sewing machines for a one day sale. These machines were normally $600 but are being sold for $200. I got her to do some research on them from the sounds of it they are simple domestic machines made of metal that can sew through 10 layers of denim to even chiffon. Nice little sales pitch there.
Seeing that my 1950's sewing machine is starting to slowly die I figured I'd jump on this and gamble $200 on a sewing machine I've never seen before. I knew one day I'd have to purchase a new one and I didn't want to go with the industrial as I'm not making my living sewing thing but more for home projects.
The scary thing is that you pay for it up front and then they ship it too you.
Lord I hope I didn't get caught up in a scam!
I'll wait a month...we'll see what happens!


Emme said...

wahoo! i didn't know you have a blog! hehe this is so exciting. i'm following you, i hope you don't mind. you can see mine too if you want, but it's private to just let me know your email address on fbook or something and i'll add you!

Nicole said...

Good Luck! I hope it is a good machine. I got a Pfaff 2 Christmas' ago and am super glad I have my own machine for when I am feeling domestic and creative.