Monday, July 26, 2010

New Apartment

This Friday Jonathan and I moving into our new and better apartment. We're both very excited about the prospect of not having to be in a dark basement suit any more. Of course we were happy to have had this place...but it's time to move on.
Sunday we spend the day painting the living room and dinning room Dove Wing (pretty much a very soft grey color that looks rather white) to get ride of some of the carmalized pumpkin color that dominates the upper level. This color makes everything so much brighter and looks larger.

Another exciting thing is our landlord agreed to take down the entry way light and replace it with the chandelier I made for our wedding. Hopefully he'll won't find it too heavy to hand and have the right tools for converting it to the entry way light!

This is the entry way you can see that ball of light that the landlord will take down and replace with this chandelier from our wedding.

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Emme said...

yay! how exciting! i love that chandelier too.
yes, that hoodie is from bluenotes and that's so funny that you have the same one haha.
and what you said on my "boring" post, we are soooo totally in the same situation. my husband, mike, likes computers and stuff too and i'm like, hey lets to the park or for a walk, haha. he read your comment and he wa like, 'wow, you two should've married eachother'. haha. your comment did help me realize something though. i really can't depend on him for my entertainment and that's not what he's there for. so i'm taking up painting and sewing and exercising again :) thanks teaka! you should be a marriage counselor or something! haha :)