Thursday, July 29, 2010

Down the Old Man

Yesterday evening after work my friend (Jodie) and I set for the first time of this year to the Old Man River of a relaxing time of tubing. It was an excellent idea and such a hot day and both of us were working in stuffy offices that day so it was the perfect treat to look forward too. So as soon as I got home from work I gathered my stuff, through food on the stove for Jonathan, kissed him good by and told him I'd be back by 9.
We set off under the highway bridge and began our trek under a warm, bright sun. Everything was ideal. We talked, floated and just enjoyed being free from office work and any cares. An hour and a half into it I began to realize we weren't going along very fast and the current had slowed down incredibly. So Jodie and I took it upon our selves to start kicking our way to our destination. That took a lot of strength but we managed to get around a bend. Jodie then looked up and discovered a massive looming cloud over head that was coming a little to close for our comfort. We still had a while left to go but couldn't turn back so we just continued on and enjoyed each other company. Next we made it over a few areas of enjoyable rapids and then not so enjoyable walking areas that were to shallow to float through but then we began to feel a shift in the wind and a cooler breeze set on us and the sun setting quickly. Ultimatly we decided the quickest way to make it home was to carry our tubs across the bend where the rocky beaches were and hope to by pass any more slow moving current. That help out and we discovered many interesting things along the shore line. It was the longest tube ride we had been on and mostly because of the sun setting and the clouds coming nearer. The hardest part was finally arriving to Pavan park and using up our last efforts to swim our tubes to the other side of a moving river that seemed to want to take us else wheres. By the time we reach the Park we were completely exhausted. But we didn't have time to rest as the mosquito soon discovered us and we were swarmed with them. Running to the car we made a lame attempt of deflating our tubes, jumped in the car and got out of that park as fast as possible. The whole time we were cold and already scratching and the many bites we had received. It was fun but we paid the price for a late night tubing. All I wanted now was a hot warm bath and to go to bed.
The best part of the evening was arriving home utterly exhausted, passing Jonathan in the living room and going straight to the washroom. I was in no way in a talking mood. When I opened the bathroom door there to my delight was a candle lit bathroom with a hot bubble bath just waiting for me all for myself. My dear and wonderful husband set it all up just in time for me to come home too.
I sure to love him! I got to spend my day with one of my dear friends and my thoughtful, sweet husband.
Yesterday was such a grand day!

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