Friday, July 23, 2010


I can't really cook. I'm getting better at it but over all I'm not exactly a thriving domestic person....but I'm trying.
Anyways we've had this packaged of spare ribs in the freezer for awhile now so I thought I'd better attempt making a form of meal out it for tonight. I had like 10 minutes so pulled out the heavenly slow cooker and started throwing in random items. So this is my concoction; chicken broth, 1/4 and large onion, a black pepper rub thing typically used for chicken, soya sauce, two bay leafs and a little oil. Haha I have NO idea how to make ribs and I had not bbq sauce so we'll see how that works out.
Ah but I'm not to attached to making this perfect. I'm finding Jonathan and a great ability to take out the things he doesn't like and will pretty much eat anything.
Oh Lord please watch out basement suit so nothing catches on fire while we're gone!


Emme said...

wow! your "concoction" sounds awesome!

JDR said...

It was good! Gravy too! And potatoe wedges