Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wedding BLAH

Today I thought to myself, "I dislike this wedding thing".
Then I thought that I should write a blog about weddings and why they bother me but I thought again to myself (I was thinking a lot today) that writing to the world was simply a immature idea because I know by the end of the week I'll get over it. Only minutes after I resolves this Brandy comes into the office and askes me when I am avalible for the interview. I paused for a bit, what interview was she talking about? It dawned in that awhile ago I had agreed to be interviewed regarding my wedding planning experiences and the joy of it and tips I can give up coming brides. CRAP!!!!! Honestly right now I'm one of the most cynical people regarding the steriotypical weddings and the protical and symbolism of these man made events that cause stress on thousands of couples each year and drain pocket books causing possible more agruments in the future. GAH!!!!!
So next week, the week I told myself and Jonathan that I would be doing no wedding planning or thinking about it is the week I'm going to have to come up with some lame answers regarding the "joys of a planning a perfect princess wedding"....oh gosh.
I love Jonathan. I want to be his wife. I want my family and friends there to celebrate our union. But instead of a fun bonfire, bbq, games and just a chilled relaxed day that would be the uttermost perfect wedding in my mind we're having to enduring the typical wedding order, structure and protical that is apparent must in order to be seen as a decent family.

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