Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What One Must Do

I found out in class the other day why wedding dresses are white.
It's original intent was not to symbolize a clean and pure life of the bride but rather because most weddings took place in the spring when weather warmed up and farmers had a break between seeding and harvest time and women typically recieved or made a new dress each spring, the most popular colours were lighter colours so they simply wore their new pretty dress that turned out to be a pastel or cream colour...and so the tradition began.
It's really not that mind blowing but it's yet another thing I think about that makes it hard for me not to mock the whole wedding industry. Us brides get so caught up in trying to check off that "What One Must Do..." lists that are everywhere in magazines, websites, television programs, wedding planners, friends and families just because of past traditions that seem to embed themselvse in what is and is not acceptable for a proper wedding.
I was going to make a list of all the things I've got to do to be "The most beauitful bride" on my most important day of my life but class is starting soon so that list will have to wait.
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