Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is Fashion Design Good As?

Today when I went to pick up gas the cashier man asked if I worked at the hospital. I laughed and said that I was a student at the college. He then asked if I was studying to be a doctor in which I replied that no I was in it for fashion design. He was greatly dissapointed and shook his head saying, "make doctor. Make doctor! What is Fashion Design good as?" I laughed and left the station.
I'm doing my best not to rely on my occupation as my significance in life but I'm finding that when I tell people what I'm going to school for it ends up being a real humbling moment since this is not something people typically place much value in. Thankful I actually don't either so I'm not competely crushed. But what can I say, I'm enjoying taking 2 years to studying something I only dreamt I'd try but never imagined I'd get enough guts to do.
So regardless if I get a smashing job with this career or not I'm doing this because it's fun.
What more can I say.

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