Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The House

In the last couple days of February Jonathan recieved the keys to his new basement suit which in June will be my home for the next year or so as well. I'm completely delighted by our find and though at first it seemed a bit out of our price range the discovery that the price included everything really helped easy my worry. I always here that the first home a couple stays in (whether rented or bought) ends up being there ultimate favorite place even if they build a massive dream because it was in that home they really learnt the most about each other and learned to live simple while building trust with each other. I'm pretty sure this will be the case for both Jonathan and I.

I had the chance to spend a couple hours today cleaning and organizing the boxs today and the mess typically resulted when one just moves in. All of these items were Jonathan as I said before I won't be moving in till June so it was a lesson in itself learning about other people's items and what they cherish. First response when looking through a box was simple, "This is junk! I'm sure Jonathan won't mind if I throw this out, or that thing away." Yet the more I started to put away the more I realized the value we all put on certian items. For some reason I just expect people to understand why I have what I have and shouldn't really question why I need it. But I just assumed the opposite for people. Anyways rest assured for Jonathan I didn't throw out any of his stuff. I guess I'm actually not even allowed too anyways.

Well I'm proud to say that now the house is clean and ready for the big furniture items our parents are bring back up to Lethbridge such as my kitchen table and chairs, book shelf and Jonathan's parent's are bringing the living room set.

I'm happy!

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