Monday, November 02, 2009

Grass Hut

I'm studying the history of Design right now while I wait to type up more stuff for work. Well it's all about the Modernism Movement and of course the designers and architects that had the most influence of that time. Then my dear sister sent me a texts that reminded me of two wagons we had on our farm. Well to get to the point of this random thought. Dad once designed a grass play house for us kids. Do you see the connection there...architecture..child hood memories...grass house....yeah anyways, so that house lasted us a good summer if I remember correctly. We just added more green grass to it and it it was the perfect house for anything. Our barbies mansion to Jason and Joel's fort. Plus further down the road Carrie got a rabbit and since we hadn't played with that hut for awhile she fixed it up a bit nailed chicken wire around the boards and created it into an outdoors pen for her pet. So I'm not really going any where's sweet and thoughtful with this topic...just simply...hey remember that grass was sure some versitile architecture and good memories. Ok back to the text book to read about the apparently more famous buildings...ones' I've never heard of before.

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