Thursday, October 29, 2009

Since Summer

Since summer I've noticed a complete change in my life as I once knew it. Like seriously nothing is really the same any more. For instant, where I live is significanly different in that I pretty much just have a room now even though I live in a duplex. My roomate is lovely and we get along well but everything in the house is hers and I couldn't add my items to the household since it would over pack and double up on items she already uses. So...everything I own and use is in my room and I use everything else of hers. Which I'm not the biggest fan of. The other difference is that she's not a big party person. She enjoys having her house to herself on weekends she if she wants to be with people she will go out and rarely entertains people in her own home. Her main concern about me having people over is that well...everything thats in the house is hers and she doesn't want things to be broken or for it to get to noisy. Which I totally respect but it does make it difficult to have friends over. I've come to gribs with that though because as a student this is just a phase in my life.

The other thing is that I really miss my spare time. I mean I didn't realize how valuable free time was and how much it becomes apart of how you connect with people. For the most part I wasn't commited to too much when I was just working at the Miracle Channel. I could easily relax and have my own "ME" time but more importantly I could hang out with new and old friends whenever it worked. It was great. I got to meet a lot more new people that way and create rerelationships. But now that I'm in school and work about 2 evenings plus Saturdays I really don't have the free time like I use to. It's been playing a lot in how I inturpert my relationship with other friends who I was trying to build better friendships with. I guess I've begun to think that since I haven't seen them in so long we really mustn't have that much in common any more and I'm finding it harder to connect with them again. It's like I really have to balance my life and mostly I want to see the girls I'm closest too because it's rare I get to see them to begin with. Thus I'm not making as many new friends and I feel like I'm loosing friendships that we being built. Do you get what I mean? mostly I'm just feeling sorry for lame of me. Very lame. Oi vey.
...anyways I better get does continue one! And I truly do love my life!

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