Wednesday, July 08, 2009

To the People Who Watch People

Often I hear people say, “I just like to watch people when I'm at a cafe or at the mall. I can spend hours just sitting on a park bench watching people pass by and interacting. They're just so interesting to watch.”

To those people who watch people I say “...well that's annoying...go make an effort an talk to someone. You'll find life more interesting!!!!”



JDR said...

Um...but you know what...I like to sit and watch people too! One of the best places to do that is at the West Ed too because there's such a large variety of people that go by you. Makes you wonder what their life is like. Why they are there, what's going on in their life, why they are hanging with the people they are with, what their plans for the day are, why they are by themselves, what sort of mission they are on...etc...

Jenee said...

hahah- one of the worst things in the world is when someone is watching you while you did something stupid, almost fell on your face, or was talking to yourself.


To all you people watchers out there: don't be creepy! =) hahah