Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not like the Bird...Kiwi

Allow me to brag about a high moment for today, thus far.
This morning I knew that'd, more than likely, I'd be wanting a snack half way though my afternoon work period. Yet because I have no snack foods in my house and a very limited bank account I fished through some coins and found $2 in quarters! Perfect I'd treat myself to a chocolate bar in the vending machine a work. Not so healthy...but I'd do.
But alas a frugal genius idea came just as lunch rolled around.... I could use that $2 for something greater...something that would last me longer then just single afternoon.
I drove the nearest Sobeys and began my search.
Instantly my eyes caught the first jackpot, 4 kiwis for ONE dollar! I snag that golden opportunity up and continued on. Next I sampled some FREE cheese...tasty and soon found myself by the selves of rice cracks. BANG, Carmel Rice Crackers on special for only ONE dollar!!! Heck yes, so I snatched those up too. Then I proceeded to the check out and discovered I could buy those tasty little semieseed crackers for 44 cents. I'll take two of those.
I went to the counter and my total came to....drum roll...$2.92!!!!!! OOOoooo yay!!! So, instead of spending $1.25 on a single chocolate bar for one snack I was able to purchase healthy snacks for the reminding days left in the week for only $1.67 more !!! Oooooo I'm so proud of myself...
....ahh let me relish in this for a moment!

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Christine Killam said...

Sounds perfect....gotta love kiwis. Hope you are well!