Friday, July 24, 2009


All of this week my roommate has been in disarray over packing. Mind you she's really been holding herself well but we both never realized she had so much stuff! It will be taking her all week to pack and move items away and slowly but surely the house is emptying out. Fortunately I tend to toss out things rather quickly so I've yet to accumulate much "stuff"....but even still, I'm getting anxious for the time I'm going to start moving. In last three years I've moved 4 times...this coming up one will be my 5th move and within two day's I've managed to pack everything up and relocate so it's never really been much of a problem. But this time seems different and I think I'd better get started pretty quick. I refuse to be overwhelmed by the end of this week! I'm shooting for a quick, stress free, organized move this time around!
Things will go smoothly this time around!

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Jenee said...

awww- so Chelsea moved out before you? LAME! Hope your move was a smooth transition! =) I get to move in about a week and a half, so I'm on the same page as you! =) hahahh perhaps I should begin packing? hahahh Miss you!