Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just Frustrated!

I'm trying not to be so frustrated right now but it's REALLY hard not to be!
-First off my segment I was planning for Friday afternoon got bumped to this afternoon...I was not ready for this! I'm angry because it keeps moving around.
-My cell is not working and I'm unable to get it fixed or get a new one.
-I just saw my room where I'll be staying for Sept till May 2010 and it's extremely small! I can fit my bed in there....and maybe if I push it a computer desk....that's it. No sewing machine, dresser -for my cloths (though the room has a tiny closet). I can't have my nightstand or even my piano....just a bed.
-My new room mate and I have always had a weird relationship since she is my boss so it's very hard talking to her. Even though she's not like that with other people...we just can't seem to really click.
-My car is really starting to scare me. It's getting worse and worse to drive...something is not right. But in the end it doesn't matter because I have no money.
-I have to move on the farm for a month, with nothing to do.
-I'm starting to dread moving. My current roommate is almost having a melt down because she's stressing out with her packing ordeal and I know that the time of month when I'm moving is really not the best time either for me to be in the logical mind frame! I'm going to have to work real hard at this one!
I probably shouldn't vent this and I'll more than likely delete this blog before anyone could read it but honestly I'm just frustrated right now...and for no good reason!

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