Friday, July 03, 2009

I Like Abe......BUT I LOVE Canada More

I've been getting on a very productive streak with my segments these last few weeks. Ah I feel so important with I get stuff done! ;) Haha
Ok but I've hit a wall as of yesterday afternoon and I'm unable to get past one simple 2 minute biography segment on the ever so popular Abraham Lincoln.
Perhaps it's because I have NO idea why we're highlighting this United States icon for a Christian Canadian flagship program!
Honestly all I can see in my head is a Halloween costumed up kid dressed up in an oversize blue coat, coved in red stripes and white stars and long beard hanging from his ears, while he holds a sparkler.
No relation the maple leaf.
The topic and angel of this segment is simply on perseverance.
So since my boss is away (hehe I'm going to play) and just go with something completely different.
Surely theres something, someone more local, more patriotic more.....realistic for our viewers than the man on the USA dollar bill.
Oh Lord please help me!!!!

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