Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Body

Dear Body.

I don't think I really acknowledge you enough or give you half the credit that you deserve. Most of the time I'd rather fret about my mind and emotions, pretty much all girlish and complicated things that go on in there.

So, I'm writing you this letter just because...well you deserve it.

To my feet,

These last two years I've really grown a liking to you guys. I know some people have “issues” with feet but I,...well I think you guys are great! Though I don't give you near enough attention when it comes too keeping you guys smooth and all lady like but I think both you guys and I realize that nail polish just doesn't work for us. Can I hear an amen?! On that note...I blame my fingers for the constant picking at the pretty nail polish!

To my hands and fingers,

I don't mean to blame you for that problem but lets be honest, your the one's that really do instigate it. The constant need to be doodling, twist, pulling and picking at things makes it hard too keep a lot of things on the body they way they should be! But other than that we get along fine, if I do say so myself.
Thanks for making me feel semi graceful while at the piano (but as a side note to the right hand I must say we need to work on the beat move way to quickly when excited).
Also I must say I was rather proud of you the first attempt at chop held them almost perfect. For that I am ever grateful...I owe you a good pedicure one of these days!

To my elbows,

Uhm....yeah ok sorry...I should apparently wash you more often! I working on that! Just be patient ok!

To my legs,

You two are need of some good TLC. I know I don't love you as much as my feet and I'd rather cover you up then exposing you to the world and for that I am truly sorry. But hey I'm trying. This weekend we did good, didn't we?! I mean I exposed more of you to the sun longer then ever before this summer and in front of friends. But just like the I told my've just got to be a bit patient k. Just know this, I REALLY appreciate that you put up with my constant neglect and sudden over's not the smartest but you haven't complained yet.

To my ears, took us awhile till we agreed with each other. Age 10 I pierced you guys...and after those temper tantrums you guys had, one to many times, I have chosen to never piece another part again. (I'm sure the rest of the body is ever so grateful of your scarifies.) You also are a constant reminder to how much I adore my hearing and after going through many ear aches, water ear plugs, and fittings for hearing aids, you stunned even the doctors when God healed you guys....I'm still pretty stocked about that! You guys rock!

To my stomach

I don't have anything to say to you, you know where we stand. Accept that I do find it odd that over time you randomly decided to turn the billy button into an inny and no longer an outty. But whatever in the end that was your choice.

To my eyes,

Just between you and me, you're my favorite part of my whole body. Beyond the actual terrible eye sight we somehow seem to over look that part and enjoy life fully together. Contacts are our hero's and eye drops our Saviour!
You've been strong for me during mushy girly movies and held back those tears with all your might and you somehow bounce back even after I'm accidentally poked you guys with a countless amount of random objects.
Yep we're strong....and I think you guys are very pretty!

I guess I just wanted to thank you body for being there for me. I know I don't treat you the way that I should or speak of you as highly as I ought to but I promise that from now on I'll try harder.

You're the bomb Body! Couldn't do this with you! ;)


JDR said...

Dear Teaka's body,

I also just want to add to that and thank you for the way you are now! I appreciate that you allow me to pamper you
with hand/foot massages, back scratches/massages, and the occasional kiss! I can't deny how attractive you really are! Your head is perfect for all mu cuddles zones and your hands are a perfect fit for mine! You were smart to stop growing at the height you are now as any bit higher, and you wouldn't be able to wear heels! Although that may be a good thong for you feet, bit it works put in the end! So, before I make my addition too much longer, thanks again! I wouldn't change a thing about you! :)

Triuley your perfect match,

This body!

Teaka said...

:) Tehe