Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Enough Time

I'm swamped
I'm currently working on six segments...all at the same time and all need the same amount of attention as the other one. Each one is more then just a simple interview and theres way to much going on right now for me to actually give them the proper details they need.

1)Segment on office ergonomics. This segment should have been completely long before now but with unforseen circumstances we just keep pushing it back. Due to furnerals that need to be attended, mix up in dates and holidays. Like today when I was finally convinced that nothing would stop us from this interview, we had it book, every party was good for the schedualed interview so Andy (my camera guy) and I got everything ready, packed up and drove to his business only to find out he wasn't even there because he was sick and didn't call me. Oi vey. Put it on the shelf one more time.
2) Then theres the 5 Love Languages for Children Segments. First I was in contact with a man from Focus on the Family to do a side interview on the importance of knowing your child's love language. Yet he wasn't too impressed with only doing a 4 minute segment (he's a busy man) so said he'd call me back about the interview. One month later and he still hasn't called back. So I decided we'd go to a Christian DayCare to interact with the kids and talk to one of the works about the significance of knowing the love language of your child. I called over and over again over a period of three weeks. Each time the people insisted that they were up for us coming and that they had the perfect lady to speak....yet they never told me who. Finally yesterday I got ahold of the lady and she wasn't to sure she wanted to even be interviewed. Today I came to work and listened the message that she just simply didn't have time. That is understanable so now I'm going to track down the man from Focus on the Family and I will hunt him down until I get him!!! I WILL GET YOU!!!! So I called the Ontario office and a lady there will be getting him to call me back....oi vey I pray he doesn't let the cycle start again. I will go up to Calgary myself where his office is to get this interview!!!!
3) Then there's the Power to Change ministry BIO. Since there head office is in BC and after talking to a guy down here we decided to try seeing if they could answer a bunch of question I give them regarding their ministry and get the b-roll. I was told they have a studio up there and all the production equipment needed...so this has been a lot of calling back and forth and phone tag but I still haven't gotten a hold of them. Oh my lanta this one is complicated!
4) I'm also working on a segment highlighting a program out there called Divorce Care which is a development of small groups in the churches across Canada that offer support and guidance for those who are dealing with or have the burden of divorce. I interviewed the leader already and I have an extra interview set up for a lady who's been through the program and then tomorrow evening we will be attending the program to reenact what goes on and get the b-roll.
5) There's a lady I'm getting a testimony from who was healed from cancer but is impossible to get ahold of. She never replied to my messages and kept saying she'd think about it each time I called. Finally she agreed to it but once again will not reply to my emails or phone messages. OI VEY!!!!!
6) Then on Thursday I'm going to the YWCA to talk to them about what they offer for shelter when a women may need to leave her home due to abuse. She's been very lovely and easy to work with. Yet sadly we can't get any footage of the shelter itself since it is a place of safety....but I need something beyond a women talking for 4 minutes....that'll be dull. I need to still get her questions ready and think up extra footage ideas.
7) The Bugirls interview I've time coded and was greatly disappointed in. The girl who I asked to conduct the interview did an excellent job but the gal who was interviewed wasn't ever deep with her questions. Generic, safe answers that really didn't show too much passion for what she's doing. I'm not sure how that'll work out. BUT at least we have great b-roll of the actually events they host! So if anything i'll have that to fall on during editing.

Plus I have 4 other segments I haven't even looked at. I'll get on those in July I think. Once I have all the others taped. If I can at least get as much interviews tapped and time coded, footage and b-roll gathered, and have the story boards drawn out before I leave...wow I'll be in VERY happy! I don't know how much of the actually editing I'll get done considering my editors are taking off a good chunk of July. :S

Aaahh...just had to take some times to vent there. I love my job. I really do. And I love how theres always something on the go. I only wish I was more organized!!

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JDR said...

That's quite a lot to do! At least you have stuff to do! I don't always! haha...sitting in a truck driving around alllll day can get pretty tiresome and boring!