Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Social Cycle

Ever since living in Lethbridge I use to always want to hang out with people and get to know more and more individuals. But I think over the last year things have really died down and I'm rather content spending a evening or two with no agenda and just relaxing alone.
Tonight I don't want to go out and be in a crowed room with people, everyone fighting to have their friends pay more attention to them then the other guy across the room. Though I enjoy people immensely....I'm just feeling rather exhausted with the attempt to gain more friends, meet new people and make that exciting connection with someone you never met before.
I think I work on a rather weird system or pattern.
Weekdays: I enjoy Mondays to myself. Tuesdays are great for individual, one on one time with a close friend while Wednesday I craze having more people around me so going to bible study or the Young Adults group which is always enjoyable and satisfies thats craving. Thursdays are up in the air, either hangout with an individual friend or get started on the list I have in my mind at my home. Fridays I don't feel bad if I stay home because usually if I got started on something Thursday I'm still on a high from that and want to continue on with it Friday evenings as well. Saturdays I get antsy with being in my house and crave going out with some girls or friends and just doing something, just being out. By Sunday I'm happy to just go to church, stay and chat for awhile with people and I find that since most Sundays families spend their times together so I've learned to happily enjoy my own time to do whatever I desire. Sundays I'm happy either way but usually they make me miss Jonathan all the more. I'd prefer to do nothing when I'm with him. He's better at just relaxing then I am.

Weird, I know, and I seem to fallow that cycle almost regularly but of course things change weekly as well.

Today I do not want to be with a big group of people like Young Adults. Simply because at work we went out for lunch with about 16 staff members and at first I was enjoying myself till I really felt lost in the midst of 100 conversations going on at once and everybody veering off to another subject to be included in that conversation while letting the other one drop and then jumping back into that conversation they just dropped....ect. I felt a little overwhelmed all that lunch so I'd rather just not be with people right now! Haha

One thing that rather upsets me is when in the midst of a conversation with another person and they seem to be completely distracted by other people and other topics and constantly looking around while they semi attempt to carry on the chat with me. It's like they don't really want to be talking because there are so many other people they'd like to chat with but feel it necessary to stay for awhile and make that useless, uncomfortable small chat. I want to just walk away and go to something more engaging and something with a point....those people drive me CRAZY!!! Stop talking to me if you don't want to...I don't want to talk to you if your not interested. Oi I said DIRVES ME CRAZY!!!


JDR said...

Oh dear...did you talk to someone who was looking alll around??? But sometimes, there's just lots going on so sometimes, it can be hard to focus on the person you are talking to! haha...

That's a very interesting um...week feeling...thing! haha...I wonder how it'll change when we are married?!

Teaka said...

....yes I guess I can't always let that get the best of me. But still...AAaag!

And the cycle thing will probably change for the first year of your marriage as everthing will have to be rejusted within our lives. In fact I'm sure there will be lots of change when I get back into school. So who know what I'll be wanting in my life during those times! Haha