Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chocolate Overtakes Me

When I was young my mom would say she “loved” chocolate and I never quite believed her.
How could you choose chocolate over other sweets like danishes, cream puffs, sour candies, hard candies, sugar cookies, rockpockets or any of those other tantalizing sweets out there? It didn't make sense...chocolate was not my choice of a sweet as a child.

I never believed I would come to this day... this point in life where I too must proclaim my undying love and devotion to chocolate.

If there is any one thing I truly crave at all times I will admit it could only be the creamy, darkness that overtakes all taste and soon my mind. A paradise that envelops my senses and for a few moments takes the place of everything good and wonderful around me ...chocolate is my biggest vise.

When was it in time that I fell madly in love with this sinful sweetness? And why have I taken such a founding towards it?

I've heard of this treat being referred to as the “Love Chemical” when it comes to whooing a loved one. Just as if it captivates and then captures the unsuspecting prey by its dark, smooth, taste and then overpowers them into a bliss of ecstasy and romance uncontrolled by the victim. It is a poison, I am sure, to most women that I know which calls back to them again and again.

Now you may think I'm over reacting in my description but actually there is some truth to what I write.

This chemical, also known as Phenylethylamine, is the same chemical that is released in a women's brain when she falls in love; usually leading to a racing heart beat, feelings of sudden excitement and over an all thrill in the body.
On top of that the sweetness from the sugary chocolate causes a release of endorphins that creates that blissful feeling that many women experience during a passionate kiss or being close to their lover.

In all it heightens one's experience of love and unknowingly can awaken their tastebuds when feelings of longing for their lover comes on. Chocolate, by definition, is a love high for most women.

Yet even still I must say love is usually never on my mind when bighting into that thick, moist, coca inspired cake but I'll tell you what is on my mind, “Oh dear Lord I'm going to have to jog extra long tonight!”

In conclusion I can now admit my complete and soon to be long lasting loyalty to chocolate.

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Jenee said...

hmmm, chocolate is more amazing than love.