Friday, May 08, 2009

Prettiest Spring Dresses Ever

Ok so if I could design dresses I'm pretty sure I know exactly what they'd look like! Short Puffy and CUTE!!!! :D
And these spring dresses are the cream of the crop in my opinion!

1) Pretty Pink!
I LOVE little dresses like this...especially with bows and the little ivory tule at the bottom! :)

2) Now I'm loving the layers of tule and lace with the dress to the right!

3) Awww this just seems like a perfect spin dress! :)

4) But I REALLY like simple little summer dresses like these! I can imagine wearing making something like this where your out at a cottage and have a little garden you could walk around and have the cool soil clumps break under your toes!

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Unknown said...

Where did you find the red/white dress???? MUST KNOW!!!!!!!!