Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That Girl

Did you ever have that one person that fascinated you?

That no matter what they did, where they went, what they wore or what they said it was just simply captivating to you?

I remember many years back when I became almost mystified by this one person. One girl and for some reason I thought she had the world in the palm of her hand.

I just graduated from high school and wanted to become something extraordinary, a person who people would also be fascinated by and so I decided that my template would be her! One day I would become her.

The day we talked was the day I felt I floated on cloud nine. She talked to me, she laughed at my jokes, and listened to my thoughts and ideas! This sophisticated, knowledgeable, creative, amazingly dressed, girl just may like me!

I craved to have her mind, to think the way she thought, to be all that I thought she was. One day she was creative, ingenuous in a bleached jean pocket and the next day transforming into witty elegance in a single martini glass (two olives please)!

Yet of course with the progression of past years any thoughts and desires faded away when maturity and logical thinking kicked in. Obviously I would never be her and in fact I was happy with that.
It's funny how we develop entire worlds for the people we hardly know but are drawn too.

We believe they could have the most glamors and adventures lives imaginable and our minds race with all the endless excitements that this one person must experience....just because of who they are.

In any case I simply smile back at my strange ambitions to attain another person's exotic life.

I'm only bringing this up because today as i was just clicking through facebook I stumbled upon her page again and browsed through some of her pic....the memories of my intense desire flooded back.

I forgot about that girl.


Elizabeth said...

... I agree, and remember. I smile now: how unattainable such a desire is/was. What use is admiration conditioned by the impossible? By impossible maybe I mean invaluable, uhm insignificant in regards to reality :)
Here’s to...

Teaka said...

To reality....cheers! :)