Monday, May 25, 2009

Farm Dream

I've honestly never been happier!
While taking a job/walk this morning a jolt of excitement shot through me! I'm going to marry JONATHAN!!!!!
Even though I wont be marring him this year I know that only a year from now I'll be only weeks away! Everything seems right now because I know the wait will be worth it! :)
My other HUGE point of excitement will be that we get to be married on the FARM!!! It's my dream location! Honestly I put more thought into a wedding on the farm then any wheres else and now that we are postponing the day we can also sort of start over.
My whole life was built there, everything I know and memories I have are based off my world on the farm!
My my's worth the wait!


Jenee said...

awww baben! I'm so happy for you... and that you are doing the right thing! Luv you =)

JDR said...

It's a little ways away...but sometime soon, maybe next time we are together...can we talk about all that you had/have planned or wanting for it already?

Teaka said...
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Teaka said...

Tehe thanks Amanda! I'm so very happy too....SO VERY!!!! :D

And for my dear love ....when can we be together again?!...oh wait it's my weekend is it or the weekend after...hmmm I don't have a calendar.