Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm pretty stoked to talk to an Academic Advisor early this afternoon! I've reviewed and looked into as much of the classes within the two program I may take and I've create a pretty long list of questions to fire off to the person. Hopefully they all make sense! I really don't know much about how college even works so I'm asking a lot of questions about that PLUS a tone about classes to take, what I should be aware of but mostly for the financial reasons. I honestly have NO idea about where I'm going to get the finances to go but I'm not at all worried about it. If I'm unable to get a student loan that will cover both tuition and living expenses for fall to spring then I will apply for January to attend and try and save up as much money in the mean time. Yet that may require me to move back home to Swift from August to December because I don't know what kind of job I'd get in Lethbridge now that I'm soon to be done at the station. It's hard in general to find a job and minimum wage isn't the easiest to save money one while spending a good chunk on rent, bills, car loan payments and car insurance, grocories and just life's little upheaviles. At least in Swift current I could have a signinficantly cheaper place to live (crossing fingers liz!!!) and hopefully change over car liscens to pay less than what I'm doing right now....anyways....that's just a though.
I have to write out my plans so I can see them and figure out what I'm no thinking about and should be looking into.

Plan For RIght
1) Apply for Business Administration program at College
2) Apply for Provincal Student loan or Bank Loan
3) ...wait.

...sounds like a solid plan to me!

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