Tuesday, April 21, 2009


When you never really listen to yourself speak you don't really know what you sound like.
Tonight I have discovered that I have a slight lisp!

When I was a kid I spent year after year in speech therapy because I had a difficult time enunciating my "S" and "TH." Over time I was excused when I hit a certain age. My teacher figured I was stuck with it for good.

Over the course of time I've tried to work on that lisp and I do believe I have fixed it but today after watching myself on BTS I am sort of shocked at how strong it's still there!

Oi vey!!!


JDR said...

Hun, I'm pretty sure we have told you...however, thankfully, it's not alll that noticeable..AH...you know what's kind of ironic...is that people with a lisp drive me INSANE!!! Seriously, I can't stand being around people who have one, yet, I've never really noticed yours...God's funny...haha...but I LOVE YOU!~ Good thing my mom's a speech therapist and if our kids ever pick up your speaking habits, they can be fixed!

Teaka said...
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Teaka said...

MY speaking habits?! You make is sound like substance abuse...well if our kids ever catch on to YOUR drinking addictions then...wow we'll have some lispy, drunk kids!!!! :P

JDR said...

hahahaha, I suppose so! :P