Monday, March 30, 2009

Ten Things that Scare Me

10) Windy nights in the summer time because they always sound like a tornado.

9) Being at home in the dark. My mind's eye can always see something that's not there or my ears hear something that was only a particle of dust hitting the floor.

8) Loosing connections with friends.

7) Not having enough strength to really do what I want.

6) Open waters. Public pools can sometimes scare me but more so lakes and the thought of oceans can almost terrify me. The one thing I secretly hated the most was after water skiing or being on any device and letting go of the rope only to be stranded in the middle of the lake as the boat turned around to get me. The thought of what may be underneith me or what may touch me took the breath right out of me sometimes.

5) Child birth.

4) Turning into my mom but even more so not being like her at all.

3) Disappointing anyone close to me.

2) Creating something and nobody liking it.

1) Being 50 years old and knowing I could have done what I dream of and never even trying.

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