Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getway Weekend

Somedays I wish I could just sit for awhile and read.
I use to love to read back in my schooling years and I could lay on my bed for hours just reading a book. These days I just don't take the time to read or if I do I start to get agitated and fidgety because I feel like I could be using my time wisely else where.
Hmmm now heres a wonderful thought...perhaps one of these weekends in the summer or something I'll rent a little cabin in like Waterton or Cypress, by myself and just read. How lovely that would be just to be alone for a few days, away from the activities of the city or people and have my own “ME” vacation. And I think that would be very suiting before I get even more caught up in the marriage prep.
Yes I think a weekend away for just me...to read and just be quiet for a bit would be a splendid idea! :)


Christine Killam said...

We have a little apartment condo in Fernie that is a perfect destination for a ME vacation. So if you want to borrow it....just let me know. We are still waiting for you to visit the ranch too.....so many things so little time!

Teaka said...

Hey Christine!!! Ya I still have to come over to your ranch sometime soon!!! :) Perhaps the next time Jonathan is down in Lethbridge with me we'll make our way over there...of course we'll call you up first! ;) Haha and if thats just doesn't work then I'm coming over by myself!!!! :D
Fernie eh?! OOOooo how tranquil that does sound!!!....HHMmmmmmm

JDR said...

Brilliant idea!!! hmm...I should go on one...not to read...to take photo's!!! It's been so long since I've been to the mountains! Like, actual mountains! And not just Waterton...although a wonderful place!