Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That One Spring

Remember the waterfall we used to get ever spring?!

Winter would drag on and on until one warm day in April there would be a complete change in the weather's atmosphere which would kick start an increase of the water in the dam.

Those were glorious days in the spring and I believe the most entertaining times.

We'd come home after a long day of school and an endless stinking bus ride, pull up into the yard and there behold are whee little eyes was a sudden dam of grandeurs proportions! As quick as we could we'd run out of the bus, chuck our backpacks into our room and bolt down to the basement to find the most fitting pair of rubber boots before booking it to the dame! Mom would scold us and tell us to wait for Dad to come home before venturing out to the hazardous dam by ourselves. Pssshh we could swim! But we'd wait and as soon as supper was over Dad would gather all of us and take us for a walk down to the very ends of the dam which had now turned into (in our child like minds) a ragging river flowing into the almost spewing dam!

Where did the water come from?
How did it get here so quickly?
How much longer till our dam overflows?
How deep were we allowed to go?

After many brave attempts to wade out the river and filling our boots with icy water we'd head back to the house. Time for bed.

Those night I remember Dad would say he could hear when the dam broke and would start to spill over. I tried to hear too, I'd lay silently on my bed trying so hard to hear something, anything but in the end my dreams would take over and I'd be fast asleep.

Except that one year. That one year I got to hear the dame spill over.

It was early in the morning probably around 2am, and dark. I had to go to the bathroom.
Which on a side note I must say was a terrifying task in my house, the bathroom was so far away from your cozy safe bedroom. But in the end I summoned enough courage to swing my feet over the bed and run as fast as I could down the stairs and just was I was turning the conner to go through the dinning room an image stood by the bay window gazing out. I froze, almost peed my pants then!
“What are you doing up?” Came the voice. I sighed it was Dad.
“I have to go to the bathroom.” I squealed back and finished my rout back to the bathroom. During my trip back to my bedroom I saw Dad still looking out the window.
“Want to see something?” He whispered and motioned to me.
I tiptoed over and peered out the window trying to make out what he was looking at. It was too dark to see anything but as my eyes slowly adjusted and with a little help from the moon I could see in the distance rushing water.
“It's overflowing!!!!” I gasped!
“Yep it spilled over probably a few hours ago. It's just small now but tomorrow there'll be even more. You guys are going to have to be very careful when you go down there!” I nodded my head in silence as I watched the sight. He slowly opened the window and I felt the blast of cold spring air but even was the sound of the spill. It was faint but distinct and I don't think I'll ever forget that one sound. More than just babbling water but a faint roar of water making its way over the edge into the rest of our fields and pastures. We watched and listened for a little longer.
“Time for you to get back to bed!”
I gave one last glance and happily made my way back to my warm bed. I was the first one with Dad to see the spill over that year.
That was a good spring.

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JDR said...

Awww....that's a fun memory!!! :D